family fun for everyone {family portraits}

I met up with Sharon and her family at Twila Reid Park, while everyone was gathered for a picnic and a family reunion of sorts. I knew I shouldn't have eaten lunch ahead of time.... from the moment I got there, they all started trying to get me to eat. That's how it is with big families... they welcome you in as one of their own, and then they ply you with good food. After a while, we managed to gather most of the cousins together, and made a loop through the park to grab our shots.

First up, the highly anticipated JUMP shot. Everyone was on board for this one, including the unsuspecting dog. (Poor Ginger was even airborne at one point, but shhhh... don't let Sharon know that!)


This is a great example of being able to find cool backdrops ANYWHERE you go... the fence is actually the enclosure for the dumpster.


And here's Sharon (second from the left), rocking what she's dubbed her "Top Gun" look.



At Sharon's request, we HAD to get a running shot! LOVE this!


And here is the whole group. I wanted to get a nice, posed group photo of all of them...


And another one to show their TRUE personalities!!!

It was a great group and I had a great time. And Sharon, don't worry... I wasn't scared away, like you thought I might be. You guys are fabulous.

And after it all, I DID get a plate of food (and even helped myself to seconds of the lumpia).