play ball

I am not an athletic person by any means. Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, know this to be true. But each year I TOTALLY look forward to playing in this ball game. For the past four years, my brother and his friends have gotten together for an annual baseball game. No league, no ongoing eliminations. Just one day. One game. Good friends and good fun. Oh, and good laughs. There are plenty of those to go around, too.

Each year, new captains and teams and team names are chosen. And the t-shirts are designed.  And we've gone from playing in a park to actually renting out a field for the day. What can I say? We're hard-core... for one day of the year.

This year, my brother (Shaun) was captain of one of the teams. His team name was "Kill Bill," since Bill was the other team captain.


And here are the Kill Bills... (and this year's CHAMPIONS!)


And above is MY team... "Shauns of the Dead."

Our t-shirts were kinda morbid... they'd taken a picture of my brother and transformed it into a zombie of sorts.


Let the games begin...

while the Kill Bills swing their invisible ninja bats, the Shauns of the Dead do a really bad impression of Michael Jackson's Thriller.


just a few cool shots from the day...



oh captain, my captain.



this is my favorite shot of the day (even though Bill is actually nowhere NEAR about to catch the ball...)


final score... 15 to 14. Kill Bill wins.

Although, the Shauns of the Dead made a GREAT comeback. We were only going to play the standard 7 innings of softball. But the game went by too quickly, and we decided to extend the game to 9 innings instead. And I'm sooooo glad we did. Going into the 8th inning, the score was 13-3. But our team scored 8 runs in the 8th inning. (And I was one of them!!!) Unfortunately, the game came to an end when the ball that I hit was caught. I was the last "out." Boooo...


It was still an incredible game. And Bill was a fabulous leader, too.

I totally can't wait for NEXT year!