hittin' the gym {keepin' it real}

(note: I'm trying something new here... I'm going to be posting little snippets of my life called "keepin' it real," showing some pieces of the REAL ME. After all, it's not fair for me to ask you to be so vulnerable in front of the camera for me if I'm not willing to open up and share myself as well, right? So... here we go...) So, I went to the gym yesterday... and it had been the FIRST TIME I had set foot in there since JANUARY.  (yup. I'm one of "those" people...)  I wish that I could tell you that I had some big breakthrough and decided to change my ways; to eat healthy and exercise every day.  But it wasn't so grandiose an occasion.  I'd been trying to talk myself into going back to the gym for a while now (I mean, I PAY for it every month, so I SHOULD be using it, right?), and I had some extra energy.

So I went. And with the aid of Lady Gaga on my iPhone, I worked up a sweat on the elliptical machine.

I was incredibly proud of myself... but that feeling only lasted a moment or two.

After my workout, I got off the machine and bent over to retrieve my keys and card from the floor... and promptly got my hips stuck between two machines. Seriously. There was no graceful way for me to get out of it... so I wiggled forward a little bit more (forcing my legs into an incredibly awkward pose with my rear end now sticking WAY up in the air), grabbed my stuff, and wiggled back out.  Only to find that there was a row of treadmills right behind me, with a couple cute guys working out on them!

Well, no one ever accused me of being graceful...