mini-sessions {q&a}

I'll be offering mini-sessions again this Sunday, July 11th at The Wedding Pantry. Walk-ins are definitely welcome, but reservations are recommended. Click here for details and to reserve a session time. I've been getting some questions about these shoots, and thought I'd answer them here. (And if you have questions besides these, PLEASE feel free to ask.)

Q:  What, exactly, is a "mini-session?"

A: A mini-session is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a mini portrait session.  While my normal portrait sessions last an hour, a mini-session lasts 15 minutes. You'll spend that time with me in front of my camera, in an awesome location somewhere near The Wedding Pantry...using brick walls, ivy walls, trees, gazebos, storefronts, churches, and other places as backgrounds. Click here to see sample images from a mini-session.

Q:  What do I get for the price ($65)?

A: For $65, you'll get the mini-session with me, plus a 20-page mini-book including the best images from your session. Click here to see sample pages of the mini-book.

Q:  Can I purchase additional books?

A: Yes. Additional copies of the mini-book will be sold for $35 each.

Q:  Can I purchase other items from you?

A: Yes. When I have finished editing the images from your session, I will upload them to an online gallery which will be available for 4 weeks. You can order prints and other products (such as books, accordion albums and digital images) directly from that online gallery.

Q:  It sounds like fun, but I REALLY don't like being in front of a camera. Help?

A: I hear ya! I HATE being in front of a camera, too. But my style is different than most other photographers... I make things as casual as possible, so it feels more like simply "hanging out" rather than a photoshoot. One possible suggestion... I find that some people are more relaxed if they bring someone along with them to interact with (like a friend or family member). That person would remain off-camera as we shoot, but would be able to talk to you and help you to smile and laugh a bit more. But then again, there are some people that would be mortified to have a witness. Not a problem! Either way, my style is pretty much the same. We wander the area until an area catches our eye. I ask you to stand in a certain area, but relax and look around. For the most part, you don't have to worry about standing still in a pose. I might ask you to "look to the left" or "look at me." And for any pose that I ask you to do, I will demonstrate it myself first. Because it's all about making you relax so that your TRUE SELF can shine through!

Q:  It sounds like a good idea, but I don't think I need any pictures of JUST ME.

A: Are you sure? Before you dismiss the thought of taking pictures solo, you might ask yourself if they'd make a nice gift for someone in your life, like a significant other or family member. And even if you're not sure about the mini-book itself, keep in mind that the price I'm offering for these mini-sessions is lower than my standard portrait session, so it's a great time to think about using this time to simply update your headshot on your blog or social networking site!

Q:  I still think I'd rather take pictures with friends or family instead of just myself. Can I do that?

A: OF COURSE! A mini-session is a GREAT time to get friends & loved ones involved! You can purchase one mini-session for up to 5 people... just keep in mind that only one mini-book is included in the price (though you can purchase additional copies of the mini-book). Here are some ideas for group photos to get you started:

  • bridal party (you and your GIRLS!!!)
  • family photo session (or even just you and your mom... what an awesome gift a mini-book of pics of the two of you would be)
  • you and your significant other (you could even use the mini-book as a guest sign-in book at an upcoming party or shower of yours...)
  • just the kids (seriously, who WOULDN'T want updated pics of their kiddos?)

...I hope that's enough information to give you some ideas and help get you excited. Seriously, it's a LOT of fun... I promise. Hope to see you there this Sunday!