fathers and their daughters {family portrait session}

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jon, William, and their darling twin daughters this past weekend when we got together for a family portrait session. There's something special to me about taking family portraits. Each family is a unit in itself, separate from the outside world... with their own unique ways of being and communicating. And it's a fabulous thing to behold... and even more amazing to be invited to join them and become a part of it; to document the interactions between them all.

This family in particular was wonderful to be around. From the moment we met, they made me feel like I was one of them. And that perhaps we were all just friends meeting up for a friendly picnic in the park. It was fabulous.

The family images were captured in a small park near their home. Nothing fancy... just a small playground, some grass, and some trees for shade. And it was absolutely perfect. Because the pictures we captured aren't for showcasing purposes... they are here to help tell the story of this family & their daily lives. And to help remember how beautiful it really is.

It was a typical family outing...

cuddling with the girls.


and how cute is THIS? They said that the girls really like swinging back-to-back like this.



It was a hot, hot day... and we didn't want their tiny toes to be burned in the sand & on the scorching playground equipment. So we took shelter in the shade, BENEATH the jungle gym. William-Jon--007William-Jon--011William-Jon--016a

And after a brief snack session, there was more cuddling. Feel the love...


Jon & William, you have a beautiful family. Thank you both for allowing me the privilege of capturing just a piece of it .