I firmly believe in "time outs" of the positive kind... for grown-ups. When life gets too hectic and I feel myself nearing a breaking point, I find it necessary to put things on hold for a while, give myself a "time-out" from real life, and allow myself to escape for just a little while. Recently, I REALLY needed to give myself a time-out.

One of my favorite places to escape to?


My husband and I made our much-needed escape last Tuesday. And being near my birthday, we decided to celebrate that, as well. I got myself a "happy birthday" button at City Hall, and felt my spirits lift a bit more with every person that wished me a happy birthday. And when I got a BAG full of free tortillas, and then a cast member presented me with an "honorary citizen" button (as well as a fastpass to ANY ride I wanted)... well, that was just bonus round time.

We were exhausted, but we enjoyed ourselves. Here are some pictures of the day, as captured with my iPhone: