Mike & Vivian {wedding}

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working along-side John Dinh at the wedding of Vivian & Mike. It was a wonderful experience to work with John. His "go-with-the-flow" attitude put me completely at ease, and our shooting styles were very similar, so we weren't stepping on any toes. It was like a beautiful dance... he'd move here, so I'd position myself there. Move and circle some more, and we had all angles covered. And then, the wedding itself... WOW. It was amazingly beautiful, made even more so by the awesomeness of the people involved. Seriously, these were some fantastic people... from the bride & groom to their wedding party and family... and even the other vendors involved... it was simply a wonderful day.

Mike and Vivian's wedding was an all-day event. And when I say "all day," I mean ALL DAY. These people were troopers. My coverage of the event began bright & early at 7:00 a.m. at the hotel, where I got shots of the groom & his guys.

These next few pictures were taken at what would later become the ceremony site.

By 7:45 the guys left the hotel and headed to the bride's home for the formal tea ceremony and luncheon. I didn't attend that portion of the day's event, but you can click here to see some of those images as captured by John Dinh.

I met back up with everyone around 1:00 pm, and we commenced with the picture-taking for the bride & groom and their bridal party.

Time flew by... and before we knew it, the final touches were being made to the ceremony site.

Everyone was tucked away out of sight. Just enough time left for hair & make-up touch-ups... and bubbles. Time should ALWAYS be made for blowing bubbles.

I have to admit, I almost cried during the ceremony. Mike & Vivian had written their own vows. And even though the vows had been written separately, they both said pretty much the same exact thing... even starting out with calling the other person by the pet name they share. And as I captured images of their union, I knew that I was documenting something special. Hearing the words spoken, and knowing that they were both "on the same page" in their lives, and seeing how they looked at one another... it was just so amazingly touching. Mike & Vivian had been strangers to me before this morning... and yet they tapped into a place in my heart as if I had known them my whole life.

Time to par-TAY! The cocktails were flowing outside at the ceremony site, while the ballroom's decor was being finalized. And check out that CAKE!

Again... I almost cried as the bride and groom were announced. You could totally feel the LOVE in the room. Not just between the 2 of them, but also from the 200+ family members and friends who were all gathered there to celebrate this union.

Here are my favorite shots from the evening...


Venue: Hilton Hotel, Costa Mesa Wedding Planner: Stacie Tran, Lifetime Wedding and Events Florist: Lifetime Wedding and Events Hair and Makeup: Ly Duy Nguyen Entertainment: DJ Icy Ice Rentals and Linens: Lifetime Wedding and Events Cake: Lifetime Wedding and Events Main Photographer: John Dinh