inspiration, self-realization, and roller skates

Pure inspiration. It can come from anywhere, at anytime. And it's exhilarating when it strikes. After feeling like a hamster in one of those clear balls (bumping into every corner and wall and getting nowhere fast) for a while now, I finally feel like I can breathe a bit. Just like that.

Here's what happened: I've fallen WAAAAY behind with conquering items on my to-do list. I've skipped a few months of sending my newsletter out, I fell behind on my blogging, and I let a few good opportunities pass me by. I've even been forgetting to buy milk. And I've been kicking myself for messing up. But, when all is said and done, you know what? It's all good. Because, as someone recently reminded me... LIFE takes precedence over business. I'd been running myself ragged, trying to be Superwoman and handle it all. But you know what? I can't fly. And I'm afraid of heights.

I knew I was falling behind, but didn't know where to start. I'd misplaced my mojo. I tried searching for it online... looking for inspiration in some of my favorite photographer blogs. But that only served as a reminder of how successful everyone else appeared to be, and how much further I had to go.

I threw myself a pity-party. And then it was over. Because every party, good or bad, comes to an end at some point. And then you move on.

So, here I am. Inspired. How? I gave myself PERMISSION. ("Permission," you ask? Permission for what, exactly?)

I gave myself permission to be human. To not be perfect. To not have it all together. To NOT complete everything on my mile-long to-do list. To sometimes sit on the couch and watch my TiVo-ed shows instead of working on things I "should" be doing.

Now, I'm not talking about failing with those bigger-than-life timeframes, or letting things slide so much that clients suffer at my hands. Uh-uh. That would be disastrous. I'm talking about the art of simply letting some things go.

I resolve to take my time BACK. It's MY time, and you can't have it without my permission.

This is particularly a great revelation for me to have right now... just as the holiday season gets underway. Because I have decided that I absolutely WILL leave time to enjoy myself along the way. Save time for cocoa and carols, baking goodies and visiting friends. And the shopping... oooooh, the shopping.

Does this mean that I'm going to simply shred my to-do list? Nah. I'll get around to it... eventually. I'm simply changing my time frame. Not everything is as important as originally scribbled. And by relaxing my parameters a bit, I find that I actually WANT to do these things again. They become FUN again, instead of simply being chores and things that I HAVE to get done.

That being said... now that I don't HAVE to do everything so soon now, I am INSPIRED to get things done. So, you can expect to see more from me soon. As a matter of fact, I've been working behind the scenes a lot more lately. I'm making things more streamlined. Kinda cool. Expect a lot of changes in 2011. For the better, I promise! And for the end of 2010, you'll see a newsletter heading your way soon with lots and lots of goodies inside. And new blog posts, too. Get ready for new book/album designs. And holiday mini-sessions will be announced, too.

Get ready... cuz here I come!

And because I don't like to leave a post without anything pretty to LOOK at, here is something to hopefully make you SMILE. Just a cute new commercial with a cute song, that gets me grinning every time. Enjoy! (and see you soon...)