"stage mom" syndrome

I feel like a "stage mom." Pushing my kids to perform; pushing them into the spotlight. But no, I don't have kids. My "kids" are my products. And they are gonna S-H-I-N-E! It's not like I've been keeping them a secret or anything... just not showing them off as they deserve. So now, here comes my brag-book. Think of me as that uber-friendly person you get stuck behind in line at the supermarket. The one who whips out her wallet and shows off pictures of her 5 kids, 20 grandkids and 3 dogs. Yup, that's me. But my "kids" are actually cute. You won't have to just pretend to think so. Honest.

Sooooo... you'll be seeing a LOT of blog posts from me in the near future, showing off my "kids." My PRODUCTS. my babies...

I typically DON'T create designs from scratch (GASP). Yes, my designs are mostly template-based (DOUBLE-GASP)! However, I DO take a lot of pride in the designs I choose to use, and I also tweak the heck out of them to my liking. And by NO means do I use the simple drag-and-drop method to create my products. Template or not, every design is still hand-crafted by ME. I spend hours per piece, organizing your images into the PERFECT spread to draw the eye where it needs to go and tell the story. YOUR story.

So, get ready for the product parade.

Not only will I be showcasing the designs in separate blog postings, but I have also added a handy new drop-down menu item in the top toolbar of my blog, simply called "product designs." As I introduce each new product design here in my blog, you'll see the product name appear in that list. From here on out, you'll be able to click there to see slideshows of the different designs offered, all in one convenient place. For you to "ooh" and "aaah" at any time you'd like.