the sanity saver {a.k.a. holiday portrait sessions}

ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd!!! Can you belieeeeeeeeve it?! The holiday shopping season is already HERE! Okay... deep breath now. We'll get through this together. I'm here to help. First things first. Your holiday portrait. I know, I know... it's the same thing every year, usually resulting in one of the following two scenarios:

1.   You SAY you're going to get around to doing it, but it just never happens, and you end up deciding NOT to even attempt it. And then your holiday cards with the famous family photo don't get sent. Again.

2.   You decide that you WILL get your perfect picture and send out cards out this year, dangit! You prep the family for the perfect portrait, only to deal with cramming yourselves into the stuffy waiting area that resembles a doctor's office of the local portrait studio with everyone else because evidently, several other families had the same idea as you to get it done NOW. There are kids running around, screaming, touching things, etc., making your head pound. And now YOUR kids start to get restless and act up, messing up their clothes and hair in the process. And by the time you actually get into the actual studio area, you are all sweating up a storm and have to force the smiles. Hardcore. You have a migraine, your kids are crying, and you just want to go home.

I'm here to offer a different option. A BETTER option. A sanity-saving option.


No stuffy studio, no lines to wait in. Just myself and your family. Wherever and whenever you want us all to be.

Book a full portrait session for $99, which includes up to an hour at the location of your choice and 50 edited photos to choose from.

And I'm offering several different holiday card designs this year, so you're sure to find something you'll love (see holiday card details here).

Not enough time in your hectic schedule for a full-blown session? Not a problem. I'm offering TWO afternoons of mini-sessions. Book a mini-session for $65, which includes a 15 minute session, 15 edited photos to choose from, and as a bonus... 25 holiday cards (see available designs here)! Mini-sessions are being held at The Wedding Pantry on November 13th and November 27th. Only a few sessions are available each day, so book yours NOW. ($30 deposit due at time of booking; sorry, no walk-ins allowed.) Click here to book your session for November 13th, or click here to book your session for November 27th.

And, now that you've got PLENTY of pictures to choose from... it will be super-easy to put together a book, album or even a mini-accordion album to give away to family members as gifts. Get your holiday cards handled and cross more people off of your holiday shopping list all at once! Ta-da! (Now, don't you feel better already?)