bubbles, balloons & the beach

I was greeted by a rush of running children, and the one who reached me first and gave me the biggest hug was the one I'd been told might be a bit shy. Of course, it could have been the handful of balloons that I'd brought with me that won her over. The kids were already excited for the day, because it was Abbey's 5th birthday. There was a pirate party planned for later that day. With a sleepover. And I was the way to kickoff their fun... with some birthday photos.

Since the family was already gathered for the celebration, it was the PERFECT time to get pictures of the cousins together. And so, we played... with balloons, bubbles, and even some lollipops. Here are a few favorite shots from the morning:

Seriously, this girl had some great poses. This was ALL her...

And THIS was just cuteness to the MAX!

ALL the kids were so freakin' cute! It was so fun for me to see their different personalities shine through.

Close-up of the birthday girl. The "shy" one. Full of spunk & personality. And with the cutest dusting of freckles I've ever seen.

I heard that she had a wonderful party, and that her mom survived the sleepover (with 13 kids!!!). Happy birthday, dear Abbey!