mini-accordion books

We've all been there...  you strike up a conversation with someone which, inevitably, turns into a situation where you want to show off a photo of your kid/grandkid/dog/etc.  You ask them to wait for just a moment while you feverishly dig through your wallet looking for that photo that you know is in there... somewhere. Giving up, you grab your phone and quickly start scrolling through the thousands of photos you have stored in there, hoping to come across the perfect one that shows off your sweetie! You finally find a halfway decent one and hold the phone out for the person to see, only to have them tilt their head and squint their eyes, trying to make sense of the pixelated image in front of them. (Is that a duck? No? It's your kid? oooooOOOOOhhhh... so cute...) I have a solution to ensure you never, ever find yourself  in this uncomfortable situation again.

Mini-accordion books.

Small, cute, and PORTABLE. Carry your favorite photo album around with you in your purse. So the next time someone asks to see photos of your kid/grandkid/dog/etc., you can show them off in STYLE...


  • available in wallet-sized and square (3"x3") sizes
  • magnets in the cover keep the book closed, even when in a purse or pocket. (And also allow you to stick the book to your fridge!)
  • matte paper, hardback cover.
  • available in several different designs (see slideshow below)