the Goicochea Family {orange county family photography}

Eddie and my husband became friends when they randomly met one another in a photography class in college. So I became friends with Eddie through my husband. And then Eddie met Sylvia, so I got to know her, too. And I was beyond thrilled when Eddie and Sylvia were married. The two of them just fit. And now the two are three. And it's like their joy has simply multiplied. Eddie and Sylvia were both so excited for the arrival of their daughter, Juliet.... they were as prepared as new parents can possibly be. They've now been parents for 2 months, and have  totally found their groove.

I was welcomed into their home for this photoshoot, and it was the perfect setting to showcase their little family. I love it when I get to see things as they really are... and being in their own home, everyone was a bit more relaxed in front of the lens. They got to just be themselves, and I got to witness the magic of this beautiful family.

Eddie and Sylvia, thank you for the privilege of capturing these moments for you.

This picture looks like it was MADE for a holiday card...

I have to admit... editing this session made me a bit sappy. I LOVE being able to capture the real moments and real interactions between people. Like this one below. Seeing this on my screen during the editing process actually made me tear up a bit. This image is a new favorite of mine.

And I call this next one "bubbles."

And how cute is THIS?! Seriously, this girl had so many facial expressions. And I absolutely LOVED seeing her smile. She cracked me up.

And last, but not least... she had to show off her BEATLES onesie. That's right. She's already a fan.