holiday boutique

The Christmas tree stood twinkling in the window. Holiday music was filling the air. It was finally time for the Holiday Bliss Boutique at The Wedding Pantry. It was raining off & on outside, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. The people still came, and it was like a party inside. And nice & cozy & warm. Here are just a few highlights of the day...

Here was my own set-up.

I got a LOT of compliments on (and inquiries about) the Christmas tree photo holder I used (see photo on left). Just in case anyone wanted to get one of their own, they can find here it at the Container Store.

Cards and delicious caramel popcorn by Alison Zamora of Red Velvet Occasions.

Holiday cards and 2011 calendars by Darla Marie Designs.

Fun candles by Paoling Che of KokoCandles. I walked by this particular candle sooooo many times, I KNEW I would be upset with myself if I didn't bring one home. Happy to report that I now own a mac & cheese candle Huzzah!

Handcrafted jewelry by Joie de Vie. I made another purchase here... see the longest necklace in the picture on the right? The silver leaf? Yup... it now hangs around MY neck.

Rockin' tutus, hair accessories, onesies & more by Swaddle Me Bad & More. I couldn't resist making a purchase here, either. I bought myself a hot pink & black tutu... can't wait to use it in a shoot. (Any takers?)

Aaahhhhh-MAZing cupcakes by Kupcakespot. I had to get myself a couple of these, because I couldn't choose between the flavors... had the chocopeppermint & the chocolate peanut butter. Yummy to the MAX! (And uber cute, too!)

Hand-dipped bananas by Hannah's Bananas.

Squeaky dog toys in the shape of cupcakes by PeachMailbox. I brought one of these home for my own lil dog, Jasper, and it is now one of his favorite toys. Seriously! He carries it around the house for an hour at a time. I don't know what's inside this thing (other than the squeaky toy), but it must be magical.

She also offers scented cards. Yes... scented. They smell yummy enough to eat.

The "cowboy dawg" and "cuban taco" by Taco Dawg. This is a gourmet food truck. I am a BIG fan of Cuban sandwiches, and decided to give the Cuban taco a go. Oh-my-GAWD! It was sooooooo good.

I'll leave you with these festive shots... totally cute decorations, and Gamie (of PeachMailbox) modeling a tutu from Swaddle Me Bad & More... Perhaps she's the Sugar Plum Fairy?