Holiday Mini-Sessions

I have to say... I love, love LOVE my clients. Something magical happens when near-strangers somehow transform into friends in a matter of minutes. Everyone starts off kinda shy and not knowing what to do with themselves, and by the end of our time together the transformation is complete... and suddenly it's like we've been hanging out for years.

That's the feeling I got this past Saturday as I held my afternoon of mini-sessions at The Wedding Pantry.

I love how each family unit has its own style; like a language all their own. And I always appreciate the way that people can be themselves around me, and invite me into their family dynamics for a little bit. Because that's what I'm there to capture. The real stuff. The fabulous stuff.

Here are some favorite shots of mine that we captured that day:

the Alonzo Family What do you get when you have 2 people that are hardcore UCLA fans living together with 2 people that are hardcore USC fans???? A family. Talk about Peace on Earth...

the Artiga Family Two incredibly adorable little boys. Three lollipops (one had fallen to the ground... thank goodness there were back-ups ready!). Two scratch-n-sniff Christmas books. And  one lovable Thomas the Tank Engine toy that couldn't be put down for long. A recipe for CUTENESS!

the Kuy Family Such a happy little girl. Really... her giggles were contagious. I had to smile as she explored the area, enamored with the leaves she found. Too cute! And we were wearing matching sweaters for the day, so I knew we'd be the best of pals.

the Vallee family Henny was the winner of my mini-session giveaway held at the Holiday Boutique a couple of weeks ago.  Which turned out to be totally awesome, since she'd wanted some updated pictures of her family since the newest little addition had come along. And Hannah makes a great big sister... always ready to give a loving kiss to her new baby bro.

A BIG thank-you to all the families who participated in these mini-sessions for the day. You were all so fabulous, and I can't wait to see you all again!