Andrea, Luke & Kobe {Orange County lifestyle photography}

Andrea has plenty of pictures of herself. And plenty of she and Kobe (the dog). Luke also has plenty of pictures of himself, both with and without Kobe in the shot. But since one of them always had to be holding the camera, what Andrea and Luke were missing were pictures of the both of them together. And since they haven't been able to train their dog to work the camera yet, they needed my help. We met up at Balboa Pier to capture these shots. And don't let the sunshine deceive you... it was COLD. And super-windy, too. But these guys were troopers. We all managed to stay active enough to keep warm. Including sliding down a steep wall of sand to get near the water. Kobe didn't seem to mind the weather, though. He was happy to simply be on the sand.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon.