330 million reasons to dream

The MegaMillions lotto draw tonight is worth over $330,000,000. Jeepers! Thinking of winning that money spouts all kinds of nice daydreams... besides the short-term dreams:

  • being able to get-out-of-debt stuff (pay off all cards and car loan
  • buy a beautiful (but modest) house
  • trip to ITALY, baby!
  • help out the family (new cars, homes, and college funds for the wee ones)...

There are also the long-term dreams:

  • build a lasting photography business, running it the way I want... and be able to enjoy what I do and still have time to have a personal life.
  • have my own photography studio.
  • donate time/money/talents to charities of my choice, working with people who might not otherwise have good photos of themselves & their families

And then I realized, that these long-term goals are already being put into place. And while winning the lottery and having that money would be (very, very, very VERY) nice... it wouldn't necessarily change what my goals and dreams would be.

What a feeling it is to have someone ask "what would you do if you won the lottery?" and be able to honestly answer: The same thing I'm trying to do now.

(The money would just get me there a little faster... )