just for fun

The holidays were fun, but hectic... leaving little time for me to simply pick up my camera and play. With Christmas and the New Year celebration behind us, I'd planned on taking my camera out yesterday and just driving around till I found something that inspired me to photograph it. The weather, however, had different plans for me. My plans were foiled by the rain. (And put me in quite a grumpy mood because of that...)

So, since I don't have any new pictures from 2011 to show you yet, here are a few fun ones I snapped on Christmas morning of my favorite little model... my wienerdog, Jasper. (My husband was kind enough to take the ones of the two of us together.)

Your eyes do not deceive you... I AM wearing a onesie. It was actually a gift my mother-in-law made for me this year. And yes, it even has a 2-button drop-drawer in the rear.

So, here are some pictures to make you smile on an otherwise gloomy Monday: