local treasures

I like seeing the world differently than others. I like finding cool spots in the strangest of places. I love turning the most seemingly boring place into a fantastic setting for a photo. My favorites to date: a white brick wall in a parking garage and a covered trash bin in a park. Seriously. Alleyways are my friends, and make me smile with possibilities. I come alive with the joy of discovery. New places that capture my interest. And I'm a planner by nature, so I find it fun to hunt for new settings for future photo sessions. I haven't done this in a while, but felt it was about time for another search.

Thanks a *million* to my darling husband... who didn't quite realize what he was getting himself into when he offered to be part of my scouting expedition for the day... he might have kept his mouth shut had he known I would ask him to be my model... "Just so I can keep the proper perspective of the surroundings," I told him... But he was a good sport, and is always ready to help out. Neither one of us were really dressed to be in front of the camera. But it was a gorgeous day. And I was itching to explore. (And he loves to see me smile.) And so, we set out. We only had about 2 hours to play, so we kept it local. But it's amazing what treasures you can find... pretty much in your own backyard...

Tony always knows how to make me laugh...

On the left: "Gee, look how tall that tree really is." And on the right: practicing his bigfoot walk. Seriously. He really was.

We wandered on down the street and found another goldmine. And I got in on the action, as well. It's strange for me to hand over the camera but I trust Tony to take a good picture, even when I'm being a goofball. But it was important for me to get in on the action... I wanted to be sure to check out the location in detail. I think it's important to thoroughly test out the places properly before I ask my clients to go there. For instance, there was this cool hill and I had a shot in mind. But I wanted to make sure it was easily climbable. So... up I went. The verdict: only if you're in tennies and jeans.

Though our time, clothing choices (and lack of makeup on my part) limited us from getting some of my standard rocking images, it was so amazingly fun to simply  look around and see the possibilities. Tony started really getting into it, too, and we soon came up with a list of ideas to try out next time around (on a future client shoot... or at least on a day when he and I were better-dressed...) In any case, here are a few fun pics we captured at the second place. I can't wait for the next time!

till next time... happy hunting! Keep your eyes open. You never know what treasures are waiting to be discovered!