it's a beautiful day

The day started out on a bittersweet note. It was time. She been good to him, but it was time to say goodbye... to his beloved car. With a windshield cracked in 3 places, an engine that sounded like it would fall apart as soon as you drove away, the way she burned through oil, 225,667 miles and a slew of other issues... she was past the point of repair. It was time to say goodbye and start fresh.

So... out with the old... and in with the new! With a tear in his eye, he bid a fond farewell to the car that had served him so well for the past 9+ years. And said hello to his beautiful new Kia Sportage.

Meet "Josephine" (as named by our nieces and nephew, for whatever reason). Isn't she beautiful?

We took Josephine for her first cruise around the area, ending up at what's been dubbed our "happy place" at the beach. It's where we go when we want to think, or relax, or celebrate, or just be... And as luck would have it, we were just in time to witness the beautiful sunset.

It's days like this that make me feel so blessed.