Technology has never really been a friend of mine. It's always kinda scared the bajeezus out of me. (The whole "fear what you don't understand" thing...) I even remember clear back in 5th grade, each time it was MY turn for "computer time" in class, I would suddenly find a million and one other things that needed my attention instead. (Did I finish reading that story I was supposed to finish before playing on the computer? Why yes; yes I did.  .....buuuuuut I don't think I fully comprehended what I read... so I'd better read it again, just in case...) For years, I depended on someone else when it came time to dealing with anything technology-based. From fixing computer issues to hooking up my cable box, I simply removed myself from the equation. But no more. In an ever-changing world where we are growing dependent on technology for anything and everything... I took a deep breath and am forcing myself to face my fears. And slowly, but surely, I am learning to embrace it in a warm and fuzzy hug.

I am ever-learning and growing. Over the years I have learned the basics of Photoshop, web and blog design, and yes... I even hooked up my own TiVo. I converted to Mac a few years ago (and now own an iMac and MacBook). I am TOTALLY in love with my Nook e-reader that I received for Christmas. I haven't listened to the radio in months, preferring instead my customized Pandora playlists. And my iPhone is my best friend.

So I totally felt up to the challenge to create a custom "welcome" tab for my Facebook fan page. Following a tutorial I had found online, I carefully constructed my new Welcome page. And I was soooooo proud of myself.

And here's where I got too cocky, and the technology world decided to knock me down a few pegs...

Wanting to share my new creation with all of you here on my blog,  I decided to take a "screen shot" of my new facebook welcome page. And that's when I got stumped. Seriously? I could navigate the seemingly complex details of how to actually construct the facebook page, but couldn't figure out how to get my Mac to cooperate with me on the seemingly simple task of capturing a screen shot? Sigh.

I finally figured it out (as evidenced below)... a long while later. Turns out, it was an incredibly simple procedure. I think my computer was laughing at me by this point, and decided to play nice and point the way. Because I had finally set my pride aside and had used the "help" box at the top of the screen... and the computer instantly gave me the answer I had been seeking.

you win this round, technology...

In any case, here is what now appears on my Facebook page. You can see the real thing on my facebook pan page by clicking here.  Please note that newbies will see this right away, while people who are already fans will need to click on the "Welcome" tab to see it.

Please enjoy. And take a minute to comment here or on the actual facebook fan site, to tell me I did a good job. I'd appreciate a pat or two on the head while you're at it. I don't mind if you're laughing while you leave your comment. I'm laughing at myself, too...