what would you like to know?

I hear it all the time... "I'd like to take more pictures, but: (a)     I don't have a very good camera,

(b)    I'm still figuring out how to work my camera, or

(c)     I just can't get any GOOD pictures from this blasted thing!"

I'm here to help.

I'm busy putting together a workshop to help you take better pictures using the equipment you already have. I'd like to show you that you don't need the most expensive equipment (with all the complicated settings) to capture great photographs... instead, it comes down to the creative eye of the person using the camera. And I'd like to give you a place to start.

While most of my workshop is already in place, I'd really like to incorporate a few more of your burning questions. So please, share away... is there something that really bugs you when you take pictures? Something that's holding you back from taking more? Or something that makes you want to throw your camera across the room each time you use it?

Leave me a comment in the space below of what you'd really like to know, and I'd be more than happy to answer it.