a different view {the Cardoza Family portrait session}

I looooove setting up portrait sessions that take place during sunset on the beach. Time it just right and you get such gorgeous pinks and oranges as the sun seems to sink into the water. But sometimes, Mother Nature doesn't seem to get the memo. Because it was foggy and grey the afternoon I met up with the Cardoza family. And I wasn't the only one who had been surprised by the fog. Besides myself, there were 7 other photographers crowding one little rocky area on the beach. Wowsers! This was only my second time shooting in this particular location, but I was a bit surprised at how popular this one spot was. Especially when I looked down the shoreline and saw that the rest of the area was completely vacant. Hmmmm...

Right then and there, I decided that we'd be doing things a little bit different. Why spend time fighting to fit in with the rest of the crowd when we could do things our own way, with much better results?

Yes, we were sure to snag a few images on the beach. But I had discovered in my early explorations  that there was a tiny park tucked neatly away right across the street. With a tunnel connecting it to the beach, a stone staircase leading to the street, plenty of open spaces and little tufts of wilderness... we carved out a beautiful location for ourselves. And the best part? We were the only ones there.  Let the others fight over a few rocks in the sand... we had plenty of lush greenery all to ourselves.

Because this is what happens when you look at something just a little bit differently than others might... you end up with something amazingly special and distinctly all your own.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the afternoon:


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