embracing my small space

I have a small home. I'm talking about a teeny-tiny shoebox of a place. On bad days, I refer to it as my cave. On good days, it's my petite suite. But no matter how you look at it, it's small.  So although I dream of super-high ceilings giving me lots and lots of wall space to decorate... it's just not what I have at the moment. But regardless of it being the perfect space or not, it's still my home. And I still want to add a few personal touches to make it feel that way. I'm a photographer and yet, up until recently, I had NO images of mine on display. (My computer screensaver doesn't count!) But I'd grown weary of staring at my bare walls. Time to decorate! But how? Since I don't have the space for expansive canvases or prints, I decided to create a smaller wall collage. The pieces are all personal and, best of all, I can keep adding to them as I go along... changing the design as I see fit.

So here is my little wall collage. It's still in progress, but I feel it's a GREAT start!


I have to admit... most of my day-to-day pictures are captured with my iPhone and edited with the Instagram app. Yep, you read that right. I don't carry my big camera around with me most places, so most of my favorite pictures are captured with my iPhone. And that's okay! Because I am able to capture the moments as they happen, and I love that. And so, I celebrate that. My favorite photos went up on the wall, printed as miniprints through printstagram! I hung two black mini magnetic strip bulletin boards on my wall, and attached the miniprints with tiny magnets.

And the rest: the red frame is from Target; (scrapbook paper inside frame is from my own stash); the framed dog/walker print is from Target; and the lettering stickers are from Vinyl Lettering on Etsy.com.

One other awesome thing to note... NO nails were used in the making of this project! I'm renting my condo, and would like to get my security deposit back one day... thank-you-very-much! Instead of nails, I used damage-free hanging strips by 3M (found at Target, Office Depot, hardware stores, and lots of other places). Hooray for velcro and sticky-stuff!


I can't wait to keep adding to this design, and will definitely share any updates as they occur.


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