living joyfully

Every so often, someone enters your life and shakes you to your core. This just happened to me, and it was absolutely perfect timing... because I was in need of a good shake-up. I've gotten pretty complacent lately. Spouting pretty words of "finding joy every day," but not taking my own words to heart. Lost in the hustle of the daily grind, with one day blending into another... waking up to realize it was Friday already when I swore it was just Monday a moment ago. Wondering "where did my time go?" and realizing I had no good answer. Sleepwalking. Full-fledged zombie mode. And just like a grumpy old man, grumbling and shaking my fist at those who dared to cross me.

Where was my joy? My peace? My pocketful of sunshine?

Caught up in my own turbulent whirlwind of daily stressors and activity, I hadn't even realized they'd gone missing.

Until someone stopped me in my tracks. The story is hers to tell, so I won't be sharing it here. But suffice it to say that it put me in my place... immediately.

Her own daily struggles trumped my piddly complaints ten-fold, and reminded me, yet again, about the importance of embracing the everyday. Because you really don't know how many "everydays" you will have. And it would be such a shame to waste them.

I cried for what that woman is currently facing. And then I vowed that those tears would not be in vain. I couldn't change her situation, but I could change my own.

Since then, my laundry has piled up a bit more. There are plenty of unwashed dishes in my sink. And my to-do list has grown in size.

But that's okay...

Because I've spent time playing softball with my friends. My dog and I have taken leisurely walks. I've stuffed myself silly while eating out with my husband. I've read a trashy romance novel. I've watched Saturday morning cartoons. And I've even been caught singing along to the car radio at the top of my lungs, windows rolled waaaay down for all to hear. (And yes, I got caught dancing to the music, too.)

And I've found my smile.


I hope you find your joy, too.  Let's welcome it together. Let's revel in it. Let's lie down in the freshly cut springtime grass and roll around in it.

Maybe this will help get you started in the right direction... an image from a session this past weekend:

The Suitcase Studio- Children's Portrait Photographer