tea party for Jillian

When Jenny and her twin sister were one year old, their mom had their "one year" pictures taken in a tea party setting. So how amazingly perfect was it that Jenny found me in time for her daughter to have tea party pictures for her "one year" pictures, as well? Introducing, the incredibly adorable Jillian...

Jenny even supplied her own special pieces of china for the event. Imagine my delight when she pulled these carousel horse pieces from the blue Tiffany's box.

Appreciating the silly faces that appear at this age.

It helps to have a cheer squad, too. Many thanks to Jenny's friends for coming to play along... armed with books, toys, and an iphone with a playlist ready to go, we were able to coax lots of smiles out of this little cutie.  And many thanks to my own husband, as well... who has tuned out to be a major babe-BABY-magnet!

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