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I've never considered myself a fashionista. I've never followed the trends and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit (as an Orange County native) that I don't recognize most name brands. Up till the past few years, I never had any problem finding cute clothes so I never gave it a second thought. But then I turned 30. My metabolism slowed down and my weight started to fluctuate and distribute itself a bit differently. Places like Forever 21 and American Eagle were no longer as body-friendly as they'd been before, and I had many frustrating moments with the mirror in the changing rooms. And the styles had changed so drastically that I looked like I was pretending I was still 16. (I sooooo wasn't.) But the few times I stepped foot into the "women's" section of a store, I just wanted to cry. The items looked old and dowdy... and I really didn't want to purchase something that my grandmother might wear. And I just didn't have the budget to shop in the places I wanted to.

I felt stuck. I found a few "safe" stores and purchased some "safe" clothing. But I felt like I was disappearing. In a strange transitional age and stage of my life, I just didn't know how to dress to properly express myself anymore.

 And then I met Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code.

Nicole was in need of some new images for her "thrifted wardrobe" feature for her blog, and so I become her new photographer. And I learned a LOT from her along the way. Soon after the first feature, I was hooked. I excitedly welcomed her into my home (and inside my scary closet) where she performed her Ready-Set-Dress service. By the time she left, my closet had been organized so I could SEE what was there to work with, a bunch of unnecessary (unflattering) items were purged, my outfits had been planned for the next two weeks, and I had a shopping plan so I could fill in the holes of what was "missing."


A favorite place for Nicole to shop is an Orange County Goodwill store. Because, let's face it... we're in Orange County, and people get rid of some pretty good stuff here. And, as Nicole has told me several times before... since the clothing is so inexpensive, shopping at a Goodwill store not only allows you to spend less and get more, but also allows you to take more fashion risks than you otherwise might have if you were paying full price.

I've been on several shopping trips with Nicole to the Goodwill stores. The first time inside, I was soooooo incredibly overwhelmed. There was just so much to look at... had I been by myself, I think I would have walked back out. But Nicole was awesome... not only did she go through everything quickly and efficiently, but she taught me a LOT as we went through it together. Look for THIS, leave THAT... the conversation was filled with lots of useful WHYs and BECAUSEs. And now, I feel empowered. I am slowly building up a better wardrobe for myself.

I'm uber-proud to show off my haul from my latest trip to the Goodwill a couple weeks ago:

items purchased: 10 shirts and 1 purse

grand total spent: only $55

I was in heaven! Not only did I pick up a few things I'd been searching for, but some of the items were name-brand and brand new, as well. Here's a quick casual outfit I put together for the afternoon from some of my fave Goodwill goodies (new orange top, purse and earrings all from the Goodwill):

This might sound strange... but I felt like a million dollars. I've come a long way from blending into the crowd. I've embraced pattern, color, accessories, and HIGH HEELS! In short, I've embraced my powerful charismatic feminine side and I'm giving her a BIG hug!!!

And I feel more like myself than ever before.

 That's why I'm excited to share this opportunity with you. Nicole is hosting an upcoming workshop where she will be teaching YOU the skills needed to reclaim your wardrobe!

Workshop contents:

  • Accept & Love the Person You are Today
  • Understand How Your Habits Affect Your Wardrobe
  • Identify Your Signature Style
  • Organize Your Closet for Stress-Free Mornings
  • Curate a Wardrobe that is Stylish and Functional
  • Shop Strategically & Save Money
  • Build a “Free-Range” Wardrobe
  • Maximize Your Wardrobe Without Shopping
  • Create Expert Color Schemes
  • Make it Work – EVERY DAY!

Click here for all the details.

I promise you, this workshop will totally be worth it. I don't share something unless I truly believe in it, and I truly believe that Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code has been a HUGE factor in helping me reclaim my confidence. My exterior finally matches my inner sparkle.

And as a special THANK-YOU, Nicole is offering a special discounted rate to all my friends & fans! Register using code RECLAIM022 for a discounted ticket of $129 (regular price: $150). Click here to learn all about it, or click here to skip right to registration.

And get ready to EXPRESS YOURSELF!