"What do you do?" always seemed to be a question that stumped me. "I'm a photographer" always seemed too broad of an answer. But then again, it's hard to fit "custom-lifetyle-portrait-photographer-who-sees-you-as-you-REALLY-are-and-gets-those-great-images-of-your-TRUE-personality-while-PLAYING-and-having-FUN-so-you-remember-the-experience-as-more-than-just-a-photoshoot" on a business card.

But I think I've finally come up with an easy way to SHOW people what I'm all about...

Introducing my new LOOK BOOK:

Showcasing the whats, hows and WHYs behind what it is that I do. From start to finish of a portrait session experience, and everything in between.

Click on the image above (or the one in the sidebar to your right) to SEE for yourself.