Christina + Mark // Maternity Session in Bend, Oregon

"I can't really put into words what I'm looking for... but something that looks like natural poses without actually being overly posed. What we are looking for during this shoot is something a bit different. I don't like cliche poses. I want this shoot to capture our fun loving relationship and be as natural as can be while capturing the deep love we already have for our little guy."

Mission. Accomplished.

Christina and Mark were troopers. They'd picked out a spot for their maternity shoot ahead of time, but of course Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate. The temps dropped to below 50, and then it even started to rain a bit.

But they didn't care. They nuzzled, whispered wishes for their baby's future, and spoke aloud the many things they loved about each other.

And the magical moments unfolded before my camera. Click. Wow.

Check out a few highlights from this maternity session below:

Christina + Mark had come to me wanting a few photos to hang on the wall of their nursery. They left with the photos they'd desired... and a few beloved memories.

A sample canvas wall art display, showcasing a few of their favorite images. My clients can "try before they buy" to ensure their wall art is the perfect fit for their home.

A sample canvas wall art display, showcasing a few of their favorite images. My clients can "try before they buy" to ensure their wall art is the perfect fit for their home.

Interested in a maternity session or another photo session of your own? Contact me to get started!

your very own iPhone app

You know how it goes... you're at a party. You WANT to show off the latest pictures of your kiddos, and (woohoo!), the *perfect* opportunity just arose. You tell your friend, "speaking of such-and-such, you've GOT to see this picture of [insert-your-fabulous-child's-name-here]. " If you're super old-skool, you reach for your purse, dig through to locate your wallet, then sort through your receipts and various papers (ooh, a coupon!) trying to find the wallet-sized print you just KNOW is in there... somewhere.

Or, you could reach for your phone. But still, you have to search. Pull up your photo album and start scrolling... and scrolling... and scrolling... and realize that you've still got pictures from LAST Christmas on here, and should really synch your phone again soon. (oops.)

If you're a social (networking) butterfly, you might think to pull up Facebook to show off your latest pics. But wait... there's no service where you're standing. And suddenly you're doing the "swing your phone like a magic wand to find a pocket of service somewhere above your head" dance...

...all while your friend (im)patiently waits for that oh-so-wonderful picture you've promised to show her. (oops!)

I PROMISE you, there's a better way.

Be a rockstar with your own custom iPhone app and have INSTANT ACCESS to all your favorite photos!

Picture this: your favorite photos from our session together, all stored on your very own app. One touch and voila! You can show off in style. (And pssssstt... unlike Facebook, you won't need internet service to see your pictures, so you have access to them anytime.)

There are also buttons to easily share your app with friends and family via email or by posting straight to your favorite social networking sites. Easy-peasy, I promise. And your friends will be soooooo jealous...

Here's how it works:

your own iphone app with The Suitcase Studioyour own iphone app with The Suitcase Studioyour own iphone app with The Suitcase Studioyour own iphone app with The Suitcase Studio



Want to see for yourself?

Click here to see my sample gallery. Not only great for your mobile devices, it's also perfect for viewing online.
Pretty cool, huh?
Ready for an app of your own? Contact me to get started with setting up your photo session.

sneak peek: *NEW* products

I've been back from my Vegas/WPPI trip for a while now (recap coming soon), but my head is STILL swimming from all the awesome things I saw. After spending hours walking the tradeshow, visiting with new vendors (and re-visiting the next day), I am happy to be adding a few new products to what I currently offer.

Here is a sneak-peek of what's to come... (images are straight from my iphone; snapped of sample products on the tradeshow floor.)

Beautiful hardback books and albums. Thick pages, custom covers, and photos in matte (my favorite) or glossy. These books/albums are virtually seamless, allowing images to flow across both pages with little distraction.




Softcover books. Budget-friendly but beautiful, and made from 100% recycled materials.


Wooden prints, wooden blocks, and wooden calendar holder (with paper calendar). Wood items were HUGE this year, and I could see why. Beautiful and unique, they make for incredible display pieces. But while I love these, I'm haven't yet decided if I will be offering them or not. Let me know what you think... yay or nay? If there is enough interest, I will definitely be adding these to my offerings.




And perhaps my FAVORITE new thing to come...

Custom Photo Jewelry! Please flip through the catalog below to see all that will soon be available to you. I am so impressed by this company, and can't wait to order a few pieces for myself, too!



"What do you do?" always seemed to be a question that stumped me. "I'm a photographer" always seemed too broad of an answer. But then again, it's hard to fit "custom-lifetyle-portrait-photographer-who-sees-you-as-you-REALLY-are-and-gets-those-great-images-of-your-TRUE-personality-while-PLAYING-and-having-FUN-so-you-remember-the-experience-as-more-than-just-a-photoshoot" on a business card.

But I think I've finally come up with an easy way to SHOW people what I'm all about...

Introducing my new LOOK BOOK:

Showcasing the whats, hows and WHYs behind what it is that I do. From start to finish of a portrait session experience, and everything in between.

Click on the image above (or the one in the sidebar to your right) to SEE for yourself.