O'Brien Family // Red Thread Session

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting the O'Brien Family, and I instantly fell in love. With all of them. Matthew, Ashley, their new son John and even their cute dog Mo. They welcomed me into their home, put a hot mug of coffee into my hands, and made me feel like a beloved friend. All in an instant. And it was that kind of caring that I was looking forward to capturing during our photo session.

I was at their home for my first Red Thread Session. Ashley and Matthew had recently adopted John (You can read more of their story here on Ashley's blog), and I was there to capture some of their first family photos.

And this wasn't your everyday newborn session. Because it wasn't just about John (even though he was amazingly adorable.)

I was there to help celebrate their family as a whole.

Here's just one of my favorite images captured that morning:


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