Knott's SCARY Farm // VIP Party

The first time I ever went to Knott's Scary Farm I was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and newly in love. I've never been much of a horror fanatic, but I'd heard that Halloween Haunt was THE place to go on a date. I mean, c'mon... I got to play damsel in distress while he got to hold me close while protecting me from the monsters? It was a win-win. I wasn't a huge horror fan, but it was SO much fun to cling to the back of my boyfriend's shirt as he bravely led us through each maze, our hearts racing all the way. -------------------

Flash forward (many, MANY years), and I was JUST as excited to be heading back.

I'd been invited to attend Knott's Scary Farm's VIP Party, as part of their 40th Anniversary Celebration.

I was a little bit older, a little bit wiser, but still very much still the scaredy cat. But I put my brave face on and gave it a go. And I'm SOOOO glad that I did.

This time around, I wasn't hiding behind a boyfriend. Sheesh... I'm waaaaay too mature for THOSE games. (not really.) In actuality, this time I was hiding behind my best friend, Michelle. She's MUCH braver than I am (and a HUGE fan of the scary, gory stuff), so I invited her to be my guest for the evening. And made her go FIRST through the mazes so she could guard me from the spooky stuff. Ha!

Here are a few highlights from the evening:


If you've been to Knott's Scary Farm before, then you know that one of the highlights of the evening is the "hanging," where they mock every current social reference you can possibly think of.

Here they are getting ready to hang "Kristen Stewart."

....aaaaand, now back to the spooky stuff.

Our first maze of the evening. My heart was racing, and it felt like I was about to board a rollercoaster. It was awesome.

Michelle fell in love with the Snoopy sipper.

Michelle and I joined forces with Desi and Tammy of Dez+Tam Photography for the evening. Because there's safety in numbers, right?

We were told that there would be a "gangnam style" flash mob during the evening. I didn't know that Ted Nguyen would be leading the pack, however.

Even the monsters got into the fun...

Tammy had a "little" someone sneak up behind her.

While Michelle was quite happy to be clowning around.

And what would a trip to Knott's be without some yummy funnel cake?

(Thanks for sharing, Desi!)

Even ghouls have gotta get their grub on... right?

Once bitten, twice shy?

This was an awesome moment. Michelle had NO clue that this guy was right behind her till it was too late.


Many, MANY thanks to Knott's and GigaSavvy for the invitation. I hope to come back NEXT year!!!

See even more images from the evening here on Facebook.


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