As Seen on: Fashionably Geek

I never truly realized I was a geek until I got older. Long after the girls around me began to focus on makeup and boys, I'd still loved my cartoons and superhero movies. So when I met my husband, it was a match made in heaven. I mean, come on... during our first date we were even singing some of their theme songs together. Ha! Tony helped me delve even further into the land of geekdom, and I have since fallen in love with many of his passions, as well. I can tell you which character is of what universe (talking Marvel vs DC here), why the new Star Wars trilogy never should have happened the way that they did, and can fully defend my position on why Batman and Iron Man are possibly the best "superheroes" ever, even though they're not actually superheroes at all (hooray for the self-made man!). Tony also introduced me into the world of Cosplay, where people dress in costume to pay homage to their favorite characters, shows and the like. With his amazing design skills and my mother-in-law's mad sewing skills, they created this beautiful Steampunk-Lady-Iron-Man costume for me to wear at WonderCon. It was soooooo incredibly fun, and I felt amazing in it. Almost like a superhero, myself.

So, especially on the day that Iron Man 3 hits the movie theaters, imagine my delight to see that my costume and I had been featured today on the website Fashionably Geek.

The Suitcase Studio featured on Fashionably Geek as Cosplay Lady Iron Man

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I'll be wearing this again at ComicCon in July, so if you see me, PLEASE come say hi.  Hope to see you there!!!