boys will be boys // stylized camping shoot

They were loud. Boisterous. All over the place, wanting to touch, move and PLAY. And sooooooooo different from the group of girls that I had just finished photographing. Ha!

They were all boy... playing off of one another's energy and constantly trying to out-do one another with their noises, movement and stories.

I witnessed other photographers struggle to get the boys to do what they'd already envisioned in their heads as the "perfect picture"... they directed, cajoled, and grew more and more frustrated as the boys grew more and more antsy.

But I just smiled to myself, stepped in, and took a different approach.

I watched them PLAY.

I encouraged the boys to pick up the props and PLAY with them. No... don't worry about posing... just PLAY. Can you make a sound with that horn? Can you find US on that map? Those flashlights can double as light-sabers, you know?

It was beautiful to behold. All of a sudden, their energy was channeled somewhere, they were excited to welcome me into their game, and their personalities just SHONE.

And once they were relaxed, and without them even realizing it, I was able to get some pretty awesome posed pictures, as well.

Here is MY TAKE on the "camping trip": TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  018.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  116.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  127.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  026.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  019.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  123.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  022.jpg TheSuitcaseStudio-SweetlightCollective  032.jpg

Images were taken during the Sweetlight Collective workshop held by Work of Heart Photography.


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