Befores + Afters


My life can be measured in a series of "befores" and "afters." 

Before and after the divorce. 

Before and after moving to Oregon. 

Before and after my renewed sense of self-confidence.

What I like to refer to as the OLD me and the NEW me.

The OLD me never would have done this. I mean, I would have WANTED to, but I never would have dared. The simple act of sitting alone in the middle of a busy restaurant, enjoying a solo meal. I mean, alone. And at BRUNCH... the one meal designed for gatherings of people. 

Gasp and swoon. I know. 

And while this isn't exactly earth-shattering stuff (and you just might be rolling your eyes as you're reading this), it took me YEARS to get to this point. Not just being okay with the solo-journey, but actually ENJOYING it. Seeking it out, on purpose

I could have invited my boyfriend along. I could have called up a few friends, too. But I wanted a different kind of experience this morning. I missed myself, and wanted to take HER on a date. 

So I sit here and indulge. Take time over my coffee. Sneak glances at the couples and families around me (making up stories in my head about them), and smile at the waitstaff rushing by. I read a new book, and journal a few words in the notebook that I keep stashed in my purse for such occasions. 

Totally content, caffienated, and ready to take on the rest of my day.

With confidence.

// pssssst... if you're ever in Bend, Oregon and have the chance to eat at McKay Cottage... doooooo eeeeeeet!!!