How to HAVE FUN at Your Wedding!

When the father of the bride whips out his cellphone halfway down the aisle + takes a selfie...


Yeah... THESE are MY kind of people!!!

In all the chaos of wedding planning, don't forget that this is YOUR day + it can be whatever you want it to be. Try not to get so caught up in all the details that you forget to have FUN along the way. With that in mind...

here are my rules for how to have a fabulous wedding day (and a great LIFE, too):

1. Always be yourselves.


2. Celebrate however YOU want.


3. Create new traditions (like rocking out to choreography with your dad instead of a father/daughter slow dance).


4. Have FUN.


5. Surround yourselves with JOY.


6. And remember... even though there's a timeline in place, this is YOUR day. Things will happen, and not always as planned. But that's okay. Because the day can't progress without you there, anyway! And because there will be tons of other insanely incredible, non-planned moments happening, too. And some of THOSE just might become your favorites. 


So breathe it all in. Take a few heartbeats to realize this is a celebration of your love, and notice you're surrounded by the best of the best to help cheer you on in your journey. So smile till your cheeks hurt. Dance barefoot. Hug everyone within arm's reach. Laugh till your sides hurt. And feel the LOVE.


Wanna see more? Check out this highlight reel from a recent wedding: