Building TWEEN self esteem, one image at a time

preteen portraits by The Suitcase Studio - The WHO I AM Project

When people see you...

Like... REEEEALLY see YOU...

It can make ALL the difference in the world.

Because I know...


As much as you want to find your tribe + fit in someplace,

You also want to be appreciated as the individual you are.

Because you ARE unique, and a gift to the world.

And as much as YOU might be struggling with this...

Remember how much WORSE it was when you were 11,

And still trying to figure out who you even really were.


If you or someone you know are a parent of a tween (ages 10-12), please take a moment to check out my WHO I AM Project. I offer a free portrait session to tweens, to help build self confidence one image at a time.

I'm currently booking WHO I AM portrait sessions for these locations/dates:

And I'm open to suggestions for travel locations/dates for the last half of 2018, as well. CLICK HERE for info + to get started, and please share with those who could benefit from being a participant.